What Happens in Vegas, Part 1

Vegas baby!

How is it May already?! My last post was over a week ago, which is just not acceptable…

Unless you’re in Vegas….

Then you have an excuse.

Of course if you follow me on twitter, you probably already knew that. So shame on you if you didn’t know!

My best friends are still the girls who I’ve known since grade school, and it’s sort of become a tradition now that we try to get together as a group every year somewhere. We’re all from Michigan, so sometimes just being home for the holidays does the trick, but not always. With myself in Alexandria, one in Michigan, one in Washington state, and the other two in Colorado, you can see how it takes some effort to stay in touch. With all of us living our own lives, and spread all across the country, I consider myself a very lucky person to have such best friends that have known me since I was learning cursive in 3rd grade.

the girls

{LtoR: Katie, Kristine, Me, Keri, Tiffany}

We all managed to surprise one of the Colorado girls (Keri) at her college graduation in 2010, but weren’t able to plan anything last year. So, we decided to go big, or go home this year. Vegas, we decided, was the perfect place to reunite. For four nights and five days, to be exact. I had never been there before, so I was on board immediately.

With a bag full of plant-based appropriate snacks, I hopped on a plane at the butt crack of dawn (6am) last Thursday, with a connecting flight in Cincinnati.

Here’s a fun fact: Cincinnati’s airport is in Northern Kentucky, not Ohio. So, when your flight attendant says welcome to Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and you’re heart starts pounding out of your chest because you think that you’re on the wrong plane, while also staring out the window down at lush green trees with rolling hills–don’t worry, there is no Cincinnati, KY…..because after sweating a full round of bullets, I checked.

I had some time to kill in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky’s airport, so I decided to peruse the shops. And to my surprise, I came across my favorite vegan cookies from the Alternative Baking Company!

devilishly good vegan cookies

{devilishly good vegan cookies}

I bought all three and they lasted until the end of the trip. Lemon poppy-seed is my absolute favorite! They saved me from indulging in all the delicious non-vegan desserts surrounding me. Like these…

the devil's desserts

I won’t disclose what other things I did indulge in while on vacation though….

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Right? 😉

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I’ll share lots of great pictures and talk about my dining experiences. And there miiight just be a recipe in there….if you’re good.

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