Summer is Upon Us…


I’ve been frequenting the farmer’s market lately, and by the looks of these strawberries I’d say summer is definitely around the corner. I also grabbed some fresh basil & yellow tomatoes. Not pictured below is the Asian Mango (as my friend Kara calls them because she buys them at our local Asian Market) I bought because it was devoured immediately when I got home. I know it wasn’t local, but it was the sweetest mango I’ve ever ingested…

farmer's market buys

Although this short post is mainly to show you the wonderful pictures (and vibrant colors!), I’ll let you in on what I did with my farmer’s market finds…

I returned home only to wonder what I was going to do with them. Not wanting to actually cook anything, I started assessing the kitchen situation.

I came up with an avocado, fresh lime, and a regular mango.

After a few minutes of chopping, I mixed it all together, topped it off with a fresh squeeze of lime juice & a nice garnish of basil. It was the most delicious & simple fruit salad I’ve had in a looong time…

farmer's market fruit salad

How’s that for fresh?

What have you been buying fresh & local lately??

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