{sunrise on the boardwalk}

Let’s avoid the awkward conversation of my disappearance for two months, and get right into what I’ve been doing with my life as of late…

Previously, in my not-so-recent last post, I told you Chris and I decided to move out of the city. Needless to say, I’ve had a busy couple of months. However, I have been enjoying myself doing things liiiike… 

Celebrating Martin’s 1 year adoption anniversary!…

adoption anniversary

Saying hello to a donkey…


And organizing my kitchen…

kitchen organization

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t kept myself up at night wondering when my itch to write and create new recipes would come back. I’ve definitely been experimenting. Observe…

roasted tomato socca


kick-ass lasagna

(Cue drooling)

There was also a trip back to Michigan, a couple of festivals in our new town of North Beach, Maryland, AND yours truly plus her very manly husband completing some awesome DIY projects (thank you, Pinterest).

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself recently, it’s that I have ‘creative outlet ADD.’ Or is it ADHD now?


I love to be creative, but I also love to be creative in several different ways. And once I’ve used up my creative fuel (or get bored) in one area, I quickly move on to another one. These past couple of months? Apparently DIY projects.

For those of you who were consistent in reading this blog, my apologies for the hiatus, and THANK YOU! I can’t promise it won’t happen again. But I can promise that I have been working on checking some things off The Final Countdown list, so there WILL be more posts complete with recipes, on the horizon.

I just hope y’all don’t get seasick 😉

Stay tuned!

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