Happy World Vegan Day!

World Vegan Month

Hello! Happy World Vegan Day! And tomorrow, Happy World Vegan Month!

That’s right, the month of November (conveniently the same month as a day we all feast until we burst, and on turkey no less) is all about bringing awareness to the fact that, among other things, eating a whole foods plant-based diet is the best thing you can do for your body. Whether vegetarian, pescatarian, carnivore or herbivore, you can’t deny the facts.

What are the facts? Pick up a copy of The China Study and you will find out 🙂

I don’t have a recipe for you today, but I do have my first piece of advice given straight from the “awareness gods” in the form of one word…


That’s it!

Being supportive on both ends of the spectrum can make or break a person. I don’t like that my husband eats meat, but I’m not going to force him into my lifestyle either or let it affect how I choose to eat. I support and recognize the fact that it’s a major change in our household. Just the same, he supports me in my decision to eat a whole foods, plant-based diet. 

If you are a meat-eater, and enjoy being one with zero intention of ever exploring this lifestyle, being supportive is the least you can do.

So take a second to appreciate where you are in your journey to a plant-based lifestyle, and give yourself credit where credit is due. So what if you broke down and ate that chicken salad sandwich for lunch last week at the cafe? Make up for it later by eating two meat free meals in a row.

Of course, if you read my post on tips for staying plant-based while dining out then you would’ve avoided it in the first place 😉

But I digress…

Point is, being supportive of yourself is also a lesson I’ve learned. As long as change and growth is happening, congratulations! You are a step closer to where you want to be. Once the realization that you are actually doing something reaches your brain, pat yourself on the back.

And then go eat a vegan cupcake….

Because who doesn’t love a cupcake?

Especially a vegan one.

p.s. click on the logo above to visit the World Vegan Month website!

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