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Andria Smith

{HFWF’s Andria Smith}

Have Food | Will Feast was born from the idea that no matter what is in your kitchen, you can make a feast, and have fun doing it. I have gone weeks without going to the grocery store – mostly because I’m lazy – and still managed to look in my pantry and refrigerator, become inspired, and put great plant-based meals on the table for me and my husband Chris, everyday.

After encouraging several friends & family to explore a more plant-based diet, I also realized I need a place to put down my creative thinking and advice. Whether I’m cooking for Chris, my family, a friend, or just myself, I find comfort and relaxation in getting in the kitchen and creating a delicious vegan dish off the fly – and laughing at myself along the way. Food has been my passion from the day I became the full-time mashed potato taste tester as a kid. As a full-time vegetarian, discovering new and exciting vegan meals is just part of my humorous journey to a fully plant-based lifestyle.

And realizing that there’s more to it than watered down tofu and fake soy meat.

My life currently includes cooking simply, eating dark chocolate, drinking red wine, training for road races, being a yogi, and trying not eat the previously mentioned entire bar of dark chocolate or drink the entire bottle of wine in one day. But sometimes, life is just too damn short not to.

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  1. debbie ludeke

     /  February 25, 2012

    love this andria!


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